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A panniculectomy means removal of the pannus, just like and appendectomy means removal of the appendix.  So what is a "pannus" and why do we remove it?  A pannus is the skin, soft tissue and fat that hangs over the pubic area.  It commonly occurs after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery.  Removing it helps with keeping the area clean where the skin folded on itself.  It also markedly improves your appearance both in and out of clothes.  I combine the panniculectony with an abdominoplasty.  The abdominoplasty tightens the underlying muscle to give you an improved contour to your abdomen.  With massive weight loss there is a loss of fat volume both above and under the muscles.  That is why I feel it is important to do both a panniculectomy combined with the abdominoplasty.  That being said, I evaluate every patient individually and we will decide together what is best for you.

Panniculectomies can be done with a two very different type of incisions.  We will decide together which is best for you.  The standard low incision will remove the pannus, but some people will benefit from a fleur-de-lis incision.  This is just a fun term to use and makes us sound sophisticated. No seriously, a fleur-de-lis incision removes skin, fat and subcutaneous tissue in both a horizontal and vertical direction.  We can discuss this further when you come to the office.

I look forward to being able to explain this procedure to you t our consultation and will review the risks, benefits and alternatives to the surgery.


I am completely satisfied with my results, he has gone beyond my expectations! He is a true artist!

-Lisa F.

Since my surgery, I have referred several close friends and family. Everyone raves about how pleased they are with your services. I wanted to make sure I thanked you again for changing my look, improving my life and being the ultimate plastic surgeon. You are the best and whenever I need a plastic surgeon it will ALWAYS be YOU.


I could not be happier with the size of my breasts. Dr. Gelman was honest in what would be too large for my body frame. I'm currently 32 years old and feel more confident than I did in my 20s.

- Mollie C.

My experience has been life changing. The results are helping to build my self-confidence and self-esteem. I am sincerely grateful for the professionalism and the compassion shown to me by Dr. Gelman and his supportive medical staff. My entire experience has been positive. I most highly recommend Dr.Gelman and his staff.

- Judy S.

I can't say enough about Dr. Gelman and my amazing results. I'm so glad I chose him for my plastic surgery. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge, patient care, and artistry. He is the whole package!

- S.B

Thank you so much for changing my life! I'm so happy with your artistry! Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  You are truly blessed! Your work is phenomenal. 


Laura thank you for making one of the best decisions of my life one of the easiest! You are the best!