6 Questions to Ask Before You Get Plastic Surgery

January 8, 2018

With any surgical procedure, it’s important that you understand what will happen before, during, and afterward. If you’re thinking of plastic surgery, ask these 6 questions so you know the risks and rewards.

  1. Are you board-certified?

Any surgeon can perform plastic surgery. Board-certification through the ABPS demonstrates that a surgeon has extensive training in plastic surgery. Choose someone who is board-certified to reduce your risk of side effects and increase your comfort level.

  1. Is the surgery done in an accredited ambulatory facility?

An accredited ambulatory facility has been vetted for capability to respond to medical emergencies. This means that, if anything goes wrong during surgery, the medical staff has the training and equipment to provide lifesaving services. This is critical for your safety.

  1. How much experience do you have?

Find out how much experience your surgeon has with the procedure you’re choosing.

  1. Do you have before/after photographs?

Ask for before and after photographs and examine them carefully. Look at the details of the surgical outcome, and don’t be fooled by clothing or lighting. Would you like results like this?

  1. What are the complications?

Before signing up, make sure you’re aware of any risks or complications of the procedure. Weigh risks against rewards to be sure you are making the right choice for your needs.

  1. What should I expect for recovery?

Find out how long your recovery period is, including when you can return to work and when you’ll see the final results. In terms of pain or comfort, what should you expect during the first one to two days after? Are there activities you cannot do during the recovery period?

When a surgeon answers these questions to your satisfaction, schedule the procedure with confidence.